Holding a Mirror to the Past


This year I’ve improved on being a duck and letting the water just roll off. I’ve also done new things by opening up to my friends. I am most proud of my speech that I just read to the class. I feel like i actually got my point across to the audience. Trying to read “Brave New World”, it was very confusing and I didn’t understand most of the words.I wish that I knew that I would have to read a book, so that I could start reading the book early. My goal for next year is to learn how to write cursive.


What makes me, me?

( listen to i got to love you ruelle instrumental while reading this)


What makes you who you are? Make a list and hold on to it. I don’t want you to answer now. I just want you to think.

We go through our lives trying to figure out who we are instead of trying to figure out what makes us who we are.

We are compiled of more than concert things like muscles and ligaments and tendons and bones and blood we’re more than that. We are also compiled of things that are abstract like emotions and personality traits and characteristics.

One of my major components that make me who I am is empathy.

Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Empathy helps You connect with people. On more levels than one. You can make friends. Or you can just help someone out. Either way you have made a connection.

Referring to my prior question. I want you to take one word off of that list at a time until you get down to just one.  After you’ve done that. I want you to think of why that word makes you who you are.

I ask you to do these things today because I want you to know what makes you, you. After today I want for you to go out and see if you can get anyone whether that be your brother your sister your mother your father  your cousin your niece your nephew your girlfriend your boyfriend or even a stranger I want you to see if you can get them to connect with you by making a list and seeing if what makes you you is what makes them them. See if you can connect my doing just a simple task.

My proposal.

1. The third prompt.
2. Because I am already doing the writhing the second prompt and I don’t want to write the first one.
3.A speech.
4.A speech let’s me show my emotion in my voice.
5. To write it today send my draft. And start my video tomorrow. Have my video done by Monday and send my video to you to edit. Then publish in class in Tuesday.